Basement Underpinning 101: Why Should You Invest in it?

Should you or should you not underpin your basement? Today’s old-house owners often have to struggle with the decision to underpin their basement. Older homes were often not built on footings the way new houses are, affecting basement use. You might be thinking about using your basement for various purposes, but the size may not

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What’s Involved When Working with an Underpinning Company?

Every type of organization, from retail to medical facilities to storage warehouses, needs space to conduct its operations. What should a business owner do if he discovers that the current building isn’t sufficient for what the company needs? Or perhaps the foundation of the premises needs repair. These are common issues that often go overlooked

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Finding the Right Business for the Job: 3 Things to Look Out for When Hiring an Underpinning Contractor

If you have a major construction or underpinning project you need to be handled, you are probably in the market for an underpinning contractor. The underpinning is the most important part of any serious construction or renovation project. Keeping the foundations of a building in place is key to keeping the building standing and safe

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3 Things Your Underpinning Contractor Wants You to Know About That Second Floor Addition

As your family grows, you might find that your once-cozy home is now too small for you, your children, and your pets. You may be hesitant to go house shopping again: property prices in Toronto have only going up, and it might not make financial sense for you to invest in a larger home. Is

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From Crawlspace to Full Basement: How a Basement Excavation Company Can Help You

Did you know that many homeowners excavate the crawlspace in their homes to build full basements? It can be both a convenient and cost-effective method of increasing living space without drastic changes to the home’s main structure. Most crawlspaces and cellars are not suitable for living, but some homeowners can enlist the services of basement

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Benching Vs. Underpinning: Things You Should Know Before Contacting the Basement Underpinning Company

With the cost of homes on the rise in many parts of Canada, many homeowners are opting to renovate their current locations rather than buy a larger home elsewhere. One efficient way to boost your home’s volume is through a basement renovation. Older homes have basements that are unsuitable for living, featuring small sizes and

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6 Things to Consider When Considering Hiring a Basement Underpinning Company

Home renovations are always a hot topic. Given the number of houses with aging basements, it’s no surprise that many homeowners are contacting their local basement underpinning company for help. The process creates space while simultaneously strengthening the foundations of your home. However, it’s not something that should be rushed into. Basement underpinning is something

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5 Tips for Finding a Dependable Underpinning Contractor

As a homeowner, you’re probably always on the lookout for savings on home renovations and repairs. Underpinning your basement might seem like a good DIY project at first glance, but you should be looking to the professionals for help. It’s important to get an underpinning contractor to help you with your basement. Underpinning involves working

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Choosing an Underpinning Contractor: 3 Things You Need to Know That Affect Pricing

When looking to have an underpinning contractor work on your basement, a major factor to consider is how much you are being charged. You want to keep your costs low while still maintaining quality. After all, poor-quality underpinning in your home’s foundation can cause all sorts of structural problems later on. Unfortunately, there isn’t a

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6 Steps Your Commercial Underpinning Company Follows to Save You Time and Money

6 Steps Your Commercial Underpinning Company Follows to Save You Time and Money The cost of owning or renting commercial space for your business is high. As your business grows, you may find yourself outgrowing your existing building. In other cases, your current building may have structural problems. While the idea of finding a new

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