5 Signs You Should Hire a Waterproofing Contractor This Spring

5 Signs You Should Hire a Waterproofing Contractor This Spring Winter may be over now, but 2019 saw Toronto and the GTA blanketed in large quantities of snow. With spring here, all that snow and ice has to melt, and that can spell danger for your home, and more importantly your basement. The water from

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Should I Even Bother Calling a Waterproofing Contractor?

Toronto and the GTA are regions of relatively heavy rain and snowfall, and the soil tends to be moist throughout the year. While the weather certainly makes for a beautiful landscaping and gardening scene, homes and businesses based near the city are thus at risk of leaky basements and floors. That’s why waterproofing contractors are

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4 Signs You Need to Call an Underpinning Company to Fix Your House’s Foundation Problems

Foundation repairs are a necessary part of home ownership. While most homeowners dread the idea of calling an underpinning company, not calling one may lead to a bigger problem. As your foundation ages, it naturally sets in the ground, and your house may experience changes in the process. Some of these changes are normal, but

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