When looking to have an underpinning contractor work on your basement, a major factor to consider is how much you are being charged. You want to keep your costs low while still maintaining quality. After all, poor-quality underpinning in your home’s foundation can cause all sorts of structural problems later on.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a consistent price for this type of job, because everyone’s situation is unique. Does that mean the process of finding a good underpinning contractor has to be difficult? Not necessarily. Here are some tips you should know when trying to choose the right company.

1. Your Home is Unique

The foundation in your home is unique. The cost of underpinning depends on the state of your foundation, the type of soil your home is built on, your location, ease of access to your foundation, and other factors.

Since every foundation situation is different, your underpinning contractor should not be able to give you an accurate estimate without examining your particular situation. If they do provide such an estimate, it might be better to look for another company.

2. Quality of Work

Underpinning contractors are not always equally skilled and experienced. Generally, an experienced contractor will charge more for their services, although this is not a guarantee of experience. You should look up every company you are considering hiring to see how long they have been in the business and what projects they have worked on.

You probably want to avoid cheaper, less skilled companies. A few signs to watch out for:

  • If the contractor doesn’t seem to have a full schedule (for example, if they are willing to start work “whenever it’s convenient”), they may not get a lot of business. That’s a red flag.
  • A good underpinning contractor will be a real business. That includes a website, certification, and specialized tools. Avoid the “neighborhood handyman” who helps you fix minor issues around the home – underpinning is a serious job that requires training and expertise.

3. Choose an Honest Contractor

Sadly, some underpinning contractors use unethical business practices. Most homeowners are easy to trick into paying much more than they need, since they don’t understand what is needed for underpinning work. To avoid becoming a victim of this, make sure you compare prices between multiple contractors. If a price is far above average, it’s probably best to avoid that company. Another thing to watch out for is hidden costs and fees.

On the other hand, some contractors, while honest, make mistakes with similar results. Make sure the quotes you get are accurate and that the contractor is fully insured for their work to avoid costs piling up on you or your insurance.

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If you need high-quality underpinning work done at a fair price, NTL Contracting is the right company for you. We are a Canadian-owned and operated underpinning contractor with over 20 years of experience working with residential foundations in Toronto and the GTA. We are committed to providing the highest quality work to you, and try our best to keep a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Our work is fully insured and certified. Please contact us today with any inquiries.

  • Finding the right price for your underpinning can be difficult.
  • It’s important to find an underpinning contractor that is honest and experienced.

NTL Contracting is more than qualified to handle all of your underpinning needs.