Every type of organization, from retail to medical facilities to storage warehouses, needs space to conduct its operations. What should a business owner do if he discovers that the current building isn’t sufficient for what the company needs? Or perhaps the foundation of the premises needs repair. These are common issues that often go overlooked during the initial real estate or rental transaction.
In both cases, it may be time to contact the underpinning company for assistance. There’s no need to move to another building if a single call can give you protection against old age, inclement weather, and more storage space. Even residential families often choose to turn crawlspaces into full basements using underpinning techniques.
Underpinning works essentially by digging the basement downward and adding support for the walls. Waterproofing is typically the next step to ensure seeping groundwater doesn’t damage the new foundation.

How Do You Request Commercial Underpinning?

Several commercial-grade services and underpinning companies out there can help you achieve your next business upgrade. Underpinning is a multi-step job that requires the expertise of a professional to complete safely and securely. After all, you want the foundation for your building to be stable and durable.
The process most of these services go through include the following steps:
Studying your building’s current structure through architectural plans. Doing so helps guide where to begin underpinning.
• Ensuring legal compliance through building permits.
• Organizing any road closures necessary for the project.
• Mapping out locations of power lines, water pipes, and other utilities so that they do not receive damage during the underpinning procedures.
• Double-checking safety precautions to prevent harm to employees, residents, and customers.
Finally, the actual work begins, which typically includes bringing in the right equipment to dig out the foundation. Extra supports are necessary to support the floors and walls above.

The Importance of Waterproofing

Underpinning companies almost always include a waterproofing process in the job. Ensuring that drainage is working properly, plumbing is operational, and no defects occur will prevent water damage in the future.
Water not only causes costly leaks but also tends to harbor mildew, mold, and other harmful materials. You can also expect cracks in concrete and wood in the rainy seasons without proper waterproofing work.

Finding the Right Contractor

The contractor you choose will have the largest impact on the quality of your commercial underpinning venture. You need to find an underpinning company with an excellent reputation in your area.
Some qualities you should search for include:
• Local reputation. What other clients has the business served before in your area? Toronto and the GTA contains many such services to choose from.
Awareness of the duration of the project. Commercial underpinning typically takes a long time relative to residential work. Know how long the project will take so that you can plan your business operations around it.
Communication. If you ever have questions or concerns, it’s best to choose a company that can respond to your feedback promptly.

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• Commercial underpinning is an efficient way to strengthen the foundational integrity to your business’s building, as well as add extra storage space by digging downward.
• Underpinning companies always study your business’s unique location and circumstances before starting a project. They will figure out legal permits, dig around utility lines, and ensure the safety of customers and residents alike.
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