If you have a major construction or underpinning project you need to be handled, you are probably in the market for an underpinning contractor. The underpinning is the most important part of any serious construction or renovation project. Keeping the foundations of a building in place is key to keeping the building standing and safe to use.

Hiring a qualified and reliable underpinning company should be your top priority when you’re searching for a business to get the job done. It’s not a good idea to go for the budget option when it comes to your underpinning, as you may find yourself with an unfinished project or even a collapsed building.

So, how do you decide whether an underpinning contractor is worth hiring or not? Here are some things you should be looking for when deciding whether a prospective company should win your contract.

1. Check Their Reputation

Every underpinning contractor has a reputation that precedes them, whether it’s good or bad. Always do your research into a company before hiring them for such a major task as handling the underpinning for your building.

In order to make sure an underpinning company is the best candidate for the job, you should be looking at their past experiences. Underpinning is a complex job, and you want to be sure that your underpinning contractor has completed similar jobs before. The best way a contractor can show you that they’re worth hiring is with references from other businesses.

2. Watch for Warning Signs

There are plenty of underpinning contractors out there that may offer seemingly good deals, but end up not completing the job correctly. You should be on the lookout for:

  • Cash upfront. If the contractor is asking for a large percentage of the money for the job upfront, they may be planning on abandoning the project midway. Check your contracts carefully to make sure you can rely on the contractor to complete the task. Reputable companies may require a deposit, but make sure you are provided a receipt for any payments you make.
  • Discounts for cash. Paying under the table may end up netting you a better deal, but you probably don’t want to be involved with a business that doesn’t follow the law.
  • No permits or licenses. Your underpinning company should be the one to collect the permits for the project, as well as licenses and insurance. If they aren’t able to, there is probably a reason, and you won’t want to rely on them.

3. Make Sure They Have the Necessary Resources

Underpinning and construction projects take quite a long time to finish. Construction and underpinning businesses that are low on cash tend to request additional cash throughout the project, or may simply go out of business before the project is complete.

To avoid this issue, you should be in the market for a well-established underpinning contractor with years in the industry and resources to spare. Not only will you be getting higher-value work for your money, but you can be sure the job will actually be finished.

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  • It’s important to find the right underpinning contractor for your project.
  • You should be on the lookout for unreliable companies and watch for warning signs to avoid having to pay unexpected fees.
  • NTL Contracting is a professional, experienced, and reliable underpinning business with a high customer satisfaction rate. We are the best choice for any underpinning project.