Before you decide to plant a “For Sale” sign in your front yard, you want to make sure that your home is worth selling. You’ll want it to be an attractive prospect in the housing market so that you can guarantee a quick sale and great offers from buyers.

The best way to achieve this is to take on home improvements that will increase your home’s value. A higher home value means you can set a higher asking price, and you can even expect bids above that asking price from potential buyers. In the end, you could stand to make a better profit from your sale.

So, how can you increase your home’s value? Read ahead to see which home improvement projects can increase the financial value of your property and how NTL Contracting can help you with them. You can count on our Toronto restoration services to get you through these projects and give you excellent results.

Foundation repair and restoration services

Dealing with the Fundamentals

The fundamentals of your home are your plumbing, HVAC, electrical and structural elements. They make your property functional, comfortable and safe. So, if you have any issues with these fundamentals, you should take on home improvement projects that will repair or upgrade them — this is especially important when you live in an older home.

Skipping these improvement projects to focus on other details can be a big mistake. Potential buyers will want these parts of the house to be up-to-date, and they won’t want to worry about how they’ll need to cover repairs and replacements moments after they move in.

And you won’t be able to hide these fundamental problems either — buyers will want to look at a home inspection before they sign the dotted line, which will tell them exactly what condition your plumbing, HVAC, electrical and structure are in.

What Can NTL Contracting Do to Help with This?

First, our restoration services can improve your home’s foundation so that it’s stable, secure and free of any gaps or cracks. By restoring your old foundation, you can revamp your home’s structural integrity and stop issues like stuck windows, shifting walls and sagging floors from developing.

Our contractors can also upgrade your home’s plumbing system. Our Toronto waterproofing services include improvements like installing sump pumps, installing backwater valves and clearing underground drains. These services will minimize the chances of moisture intrusion and basement flooding — two expensive issues that every homeowner wants to avoid.

Underpinning services for finished basements

Finishing Your Basement

Finishing your basement is another home improvement that can boost the value of your home. The improvement allows you to turn your basement into an adaptable living space that can suit your needs. Do you need a place to exercise? Do you need a playroom for your young kids? Do you need an office so that you can work from home? You can easily meet these needs once you spruce up your basement.

What Can NTL Contracting Do to Help with This?

If your basement ceiling is a little too low, our underpinning services can help lower your foundation floor and give the rooms some more height. Click here to learn more about our services on basement lowering in Toronto and how you can get the process started.

We have plenty of other services that can come in handy when you’re trying to finish a basement. Our demolition services can help you tear down walls and get down to the bare bones of the area. Our waterproofing services can repair any vulnerabilities in the foundation and keep the basement dry and water-tight. Our contractors can help your basement renovation ideas come to life.

Investing in Landscaping

Landscaping is another home improvement that can add quite a bit of value to your property. Why is that? Landscaping (particularly in the front yard) adds “curb appeal.”

Curb appeal is a real estate term that refers to the attractiveness of a property when viewed from the curb or street. Having good curb appeal means that potential buyers will look at the outside of your property and really like what they see. They’ll want to look into your listing, check for viewing dates and consider making a bid.

What Can NTL Contracting Do to Help with This?

If you’re planning on digging up your yard and doing some landscaping, you might want to consider hiring our contractors for one of our practical waterproofing services first: yard grading.

What is yard grading? Yard grading is a project meant for properties with yards that slope toward their foundations instead of away from them. Having a yard that’s sloped towards your home can make groundwater pool around your foundation, which increases your risks of problems like water intrusion and basement flooding. The best way to rectify this problem is to grade your yard so that it slopes in the correct direction.

Yard grading requires that you dig up and rearrange the soil in your yard, so you’ll want to tackle this before you do any landscaping work. Once the yard slope is adjusted, you’ll have the perfect foundation to put in attractive additions like flower beds, gravel borders and shrubs.

Waterproofing services for bathroom remodels

Remodelling Your Bathroom

If you really want to increase the financial value of your property, you should think about remodelling your bathroom — especially if your current bathroom is outdated and in need of repairs. According to the RE/MAX renovation investment report for 2021, a bathroom remodel is one of the renovations with the most potential to yield the highest ROI (return on investment) for homeowners.

What Can NTL Contracting Do to Help with This?

If your basement bathroom is in rough shape, you should look into our waterproofing services. Our contractors can install vapour barriers to guarantee that moisture won’t get trapped behind the walls and cause problems like mould and mildew. Since bathrooms generate a lot of moisture, you will want to put extra care into waterproofing.

Our services can help you with all of these home improvements. So, give us a call when you decide to take them on.