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NTL Contracting is a family-owned Toronto demolition company committed to completing excavation and demolition projects with a high level of service and professionalism.

We offer excavation services in Toronto for new builds, additions, walk-outs, porches, patios, pools, landscaping, parking lots, trenching, and grading. You can count on us for demolition and disposal, digging out new basements for underpinning in Toronto, and more.

When you require excavation, landscaping, or demolition, you want to work with professionals who have ample experience with the right machinery. At NTL Contracting, our excavation contractors have experience using all the machinery needed to get the job done.

There is no project too big or too small for us. We even have smaller equipment that allows us to get into small areas such as backyards, walkways, and underground garages.

Why work with other Toronto demolition companies when you can work with the experienced contractors at NTL Contracting? We offer excavation and demolition services across Toronto and the GTA for residential and commercial properties alike.

Count on NTL Contracting for all of your Toronto excavation and demolition needs. Find out how our services can help you restore your property.

Demolition company Toronto & the GTA

Toronto Excavation Services

NTL Contracting offers a full spectrum of excavation services in Toronto to suit the varying needs of homeowners and business owners across the city. We offer all of our services with a 25-year warranty guarantee and a commitment to a job well done.

We hold our excavation services to high standards and expect you to too. Find out what NTL Contracting can do for you and your property..

Toronto Demolition Icon

Toronto Demolition

NTL Contracting is a demolition company in Toronto committed to helping homeowners and business owners reclaim their space. Our demolition contractors are experienced in this area of work and have access to all the resources and materials needed to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Demo work has a reputation for being loud and messy, but when we finish the project, it will seem like we were barely there.

We do our work cautiously and with attention to detail, and won’t leave the job site until we clean up. We utilize different demolition methods to suit the unique needs of different properties:

  • Partial Dismantling: Also known as selective dismantling, this is when only a section of your space needs demolition. Partial dismantling is best suited to stable properties that are only looking to demolish targeted areas.
  • Complete Demolition: Also known as total demolition, this refers to the practice of demolishing the entirety of a space. This method is often necessary for old properties where the exterior and interior are both compromised.
  • Interior Demolition: Interior demolition refers to the process of demolishing any part of an interior structure that needs removal. Often, interior demolition involves the removal of stud walls and drywalls. This method may also require excavation to remove interior floors or foundation.
FootingFoundation Excavation & Backfill Icon

Footing/Foundation Excavation & Backfill

We do footing and foundation excavation in Toronto to restore the structural integrity of your property. We excavate your foundation or footing and then backfill it by replacing the soil or reusing the soil removed during the excavation process.

You can rest easy knowing that, when you enlist the help of our Toronto excavation contractors, we will provide effective foundation services. We will complete the excavation and backfill necessary to ensure that your structure is strong and well supported.

Grading Icon


When the ground slopes towards your property, water from storms and irrigation can run back toward your home and cause moisture problems at its foundation wall. This stream of water can create cracks, structural damage, and soil erosion.

We provide grading services as well as Toronto waterproofing services to ensure that groundwater water diverts away from your property instead of towards its foundation.

Utility Excavation Icon

Utility Excavation

When you excavate a property, it is essential to be mindful of potential utilities such as pipes, drains, and other sources. These utilities are crucial to your property, and you don’t want them to get damaged during the excavation process.

When you work with NTL Contracting, you can have peace of mind knowing that we provide utility excavation to ensure that your utilities are adequately protected and maintained during the excavation process.

Site Preparation Icon

Site Preparation

You can’t just show up and excavate or demolish a property, because every project site is different and needs preparation before getting started. We provide site preparation to ensure that the project site is ready to be excavated or demolished.

Site preparation may include mapping out any structural impurities and utilities and identifying any relevant building codes.

Manholes & Catch Basins Icon

Manholes & Catch Basins

We provide manhole and catch basins to suit your varying excavation or demolition needs. Specifically, manholes and catch basins are used to manage wastewater and support your stormwater system needs.

A catch basin is put on top of the ground to catch groundwater before it seeps into your foundation. Catch basins are either a perforated or slotted metal grate. A manhole, on the other hand, serves the same purpose but is instead a closed system that requires a solid cover.

Site Remediation Icon

Site Remediation

A site may need remediation before completing a demolition or excavation project. NTL Contracting offers site remediation in Toronto to ensure that your site is clean and free of hazardous materials, including PCB contaminants, heavy metal contaminants, hydrocarbons, and other environmental hazards that can impact the health of those on-site.

Site remediation is vital not only for residents’ physical health but also for the surrounding environment that can be significantly harmed by the presence of these materials. We strive to ensure that your excavation or demolition job is done efficiently and with minimal waste and damage to the land and surrounding environment.

Stormwater Management Icon

Stormwater Management

When you embark on an excavation project to update or repair your foundation, you also want to ensure that you protect your foundation from future damage.

It is essential to have your foundation built or repaired by professionals like NTL Contracting’s excavation contractors. Still, it is crucial to follow up on the project with any efforts that may be needed to protect the new foundation.

We provide stormwater management to ensure that stormwater is diverted away from your home and does not seep into your new foundation.

Fine Grading Icon

Fine Grading

While grading is done to slope ground away from a property and diverts water away from its foundation, fine grading facilitates land-based projects like gardening, turf establishment, or surface drainage.

Like most projects involving landscape and shared property, fine grading needs to comply with code. Make sure to enlist the help of professionals for your grading needs. When you hire us for demo work or excavation services, we can provide fine grading for your irrigation or drainage needs.

Sewer & Water Main Icon

Sewer & Water Main

When you hire us for an excavation or demolition project, we will also service your sewer and water main to ensure that your water sources are working effectively.  We offer underground drain services across Toronto and the GTA.

Demolition Frequently Asked Questions

Demolition refers to the removal (or demolishing) of the interior or exterior assets of a space. Demolition work typically includes the removal of walls, exteriors, and other elements that are non-bearing.

Contactors use different demolition methods dependent on the size and scope of a project, as demolishment can be executed at a small or large scale. There is no demo project too big or too small for the contractors at NTL Contracting.

Demolition involves the demolishing of an area, but not all demolition work is done in the same way or at the same scope. Various demolition methods exist to achieve different scales of results.

Work with Toronto demolition companies like NTL Contracting that are experienced with all scales of demo work. Common demolition methods include:

  • Building Demolition
  • Home Demolition
  • Total Demolition
  • Interior Demolition
  • Selective Demolition

There are a few steps involved in the demolition process and precautions that need to be taken on a site before completing demolition work. The demolition process includes:

  1. Surveying the land and structure to understand the foundation, utilities, and other essential factors.
  2. Excavation to remove any potentially hazardous materials from foundation, soil, etc.
  3. Forming a plan for demolition
  4. Obtaining the right materials and safety resources to execute the demolition work safely and effectively

There are a variety of reasons why a property, whether it be a home or building, could need demolition. Demolition is often used to gut areas for renovation, excavate foundations that need repair and refill, or get rid of harmful matters like asbestos.

The reason for your demolition project will dictate the scope of the work, its cost, and how long it will take. That said, there is no demolition project too big or too small for our Toronto demolition contractors.

Many benefits can come with demolishing old spaces. When you hire us for demolition, our contractors will remove any hazardous chemicals, divert waste, and make room for more space.

When you work with experienced demolition contractors in Toronto like NTL Contracting, you can have peace of mind knowing that your demolition project will have minimal harm on the environment.

In fact, at NTL Contracting, we handle demolition projects in a way that can actually benefit the environment. When you hire us for your demolition project, we will clear out all the usable materials from the property and divert them so that they can be reused.

There are various factors that will impact the cost of your demolition project. These factors include your project size, any waste disposal needs, legalities, asbestos removal, and any other necessary safety precautions.

If you are not looking for complete demolition and instead are looking for selective demo work, you may be seeking specific price points based on the square footage of your project. For a realistic estimate on your demolition project, fill out our online form to get a quote based on your specific needs.

Excavation Frequently Asked Questions

Excavation is the process of removing soil and rock to dig down to the foundation of a property. Excavating involves the use of tools like heavy machinery to dig down to a foundation and identify any structural impurities.

Excavation is used to remove harmful materials and complete any necessary underground repairs. The foundation is then refilled to maintain the structural integrity of the property.

You can excavate a property using a variety of methods. Before excavating, however, our excavation contractors will survey the land and structure for any utilities and other obstacles. Excavation can be done by using various tools ranging from machinery to explosives for more large-scale projects. Residential excavation is done by using manual tools and machinery for a clean and intricate job.

When choosing between excavation companies in Toronto, look for contractors who are experienced, have glowing reviews, provide upfront pricing, and are equipped with the right equipment. NTL Contracting is your source for professional excavation services in Toronto.

The cost of your excavation project will depend on the size of the area that needs excavating, the services you may need following the excavation, and your desired timeline. For a realistic price point for your project, contact us today or request a quote using our online form.


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NTL Contracting Best of Trusted Pros Award 2016
NTL Contracting Best of Trusted Pros Award 2017
NTL Contracting Best of Trusted Pros Award 2018
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