5 Tips for Finding a Dependable Underpinning Contractor

As a homeowner, you’re probably always on the lookout for savings on home renovations and repairs. Underpinning your basement might seem like a good DIY project at first glance, but you should be looking to the professionals for help.

It’s important to get an underpinning contractor to help you with your basement. Underpinning involves working with your foundations, and faulty underpinning is bad news for the fundamental structure of your home. On top of that, it requires a lot of specialized tools such as excavators which the average homeowner doesn’t have easy access to.

Underpinning is one of the more expensive and difficult home restoration processes, so your foundation needs to last longer than the rest of your home. You should be making sure that you’re not paying for second-rate work on your basement. So, how do you find a company you can rely on for quality work? Here are some signs you should be looking for in your prospective underpinning company.

1. Insurance

A reliable underpinning contractor has their work fully insured. You should be looking for a company that offers a fairly long warranty, as well. Insurance is one of the most fundamental costs for a typical waterproofing and underpinning company. Cutting that cost is a sign that the business isn’t all that it should be.

2. Reputation

Have you heard about your underpinning contractor from a friend or online? Before signing a deal with a company, always check their reputation online. Make sure you can find testimonials. You can also compare their prices with competitors to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

3. Experience

It might be good for new businesses for you to be their first customer, but it isn’t good for you. New business owners lack experience and have a major risk of making mistakes. As the customer, the cost and inconvenience will end up at least partially falling back on you.

Rather than acting like a guinea pig for future customers, choose a company with at least a few years of experience in the business. An established underpinning contractor has the resources and experience to handle your home’s foundation properly.

4. Cash Discounts and Dishonest Practices

Does your prospective underpinning contractor offer a discount if you pay with cash? That’s a good sign that not everything is aboveboard. Cash isn’t easily traceable. If you’re paying with cash, you are putting yourself at risk of simply being scammed. There is no reason for an honest business to prefer cash over other transactions.

5. Have Multiple Opinions

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, any business is most interested in making money. A common dishonest business practice is to recommend solutions that are expensive, and not strictly necessary. It’s important to get your foundation done right, but there are many solutions that only apply to very specific solutions.

If you think you are being offered something you don’t need, have multiple underpinning contractors examine your home’s foundation and see if their opinions match. This also helps ensure that you’re getting the best deal, especially if your underpinning company offers free estimates.

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Underpinning isn’t the kind of project you should undertake without experienced help.
• Finding a reliable underpinning contractor is crucial to keeping your foundation safe and your budget secure.
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