Waterproofing a basement, especially one for a business, is a daunting task that a non-professional should not attempt without assistance. While there are DIY products out there, company owners should always contact a waterproofing company for essential basement maintenance.

Seeping water and moisture have always been a threat to the structural integrity of business buildings. Water harbors harmful mildew and mold, and the freeze-thaw cycle in the winter can break apart concrete and form cracks.

To avoid potential dangers to employees, customers, and assets, as well as give your company a sense of professionalism, consider investing in basement waterproofing. Here’s what you should know about the work of a waterproofing company.

Looking for Moisture-Related Problems

Upon initial construction, a basement has two components of waterproofing: the sealed walls and the drainage system. If you notice moisture, falling paint, or mold on the walls, it may be a sign of seal failure.

On the other hand, water on the floor of the basement is a sign that the drainage has issues. Tell your contractor that you may need to repair your footer drain, which is responsible for moving groundwater away from the foundation.

Interior vs. Exterior

One option you have is to install an interior footer drain, which directs water away from the foundation through a sump pump. Alternatively, you can install full wall waterproofing panels for wall moisture.

Exterior waterproofing, on the other hand, involves stopping water from entering the basement foundation at all. It’s likely the more effective solution that your waterproofing company will suggest. The contractor may restore the sealant or create new footer drains.

Patching Up Problems

Even with excellent construction procedures, cracks can develop in walls as a result of moisture. In these cases, a simple way to clear them up is the use of hydraulic cement. This material causes cement to expand quickly and fill in a watertight seal. There exist many masonry waterproofing products to fulfill similar purposes for interior basement walls.

Finding the Right Waterproofing Contractor

There are several factors beyond price that should influence what waterproofing company your business ends up choosing.

Experience. Look for a business that has done similar work in the past. Ideally, aim for ones with experience working in your local area. A Toronto-based contractor likely understands the legal compliance involved in working within the city.• Licensing. Look for official licensing and liability insurance from the waterproofing companies you look for.
References. What other clients has the contractor served in the past? Try to get in contact with them and ask about how the experience was. How was the professionalism? Did the work show quality? Was the company able to respond to requests and concerns?
Communication. Don’t be stuck without assistance when issues do arise. Having a contractor that responds promptly to communication is necessary for proper business waterproofing.

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• There are many ways to solve moisture problems in building basements. From finding the source of the moisture to applying sealants, a waterproofing company has many tools and practices to help you find the solution you need.
• Waterproofing can either be done internally or externally, though the latter is usually the most effective and long-lasting. You will need a professional contractor to perform the work correctly.
• Getting in touch with NTL Contracting is one significant step to solving your business’s basement leaks.