When most people think of water damage, they think of basement floods and burst pipes. They picture ruined furniture and electronics, wet floors that need to be mopped and soggy carpeting that needs to be dried out. These are the immediate and obvious impacts of water damage.

What many people don’t realize is that water damage has long-term impacts, too. Some that you may not even notice. Read ahead to find out what these are and how NTL Contracting can help you deal with them.

The Long-Term Impacts on Your Health:

One of the reasons why addressing water damage is so important is that it can negatively impact your health and well-being. How is that?

Mould and Mildew

Environments with high levels of moisture are the perfect places for mould and mildew to thrive. So, water damage can be a catalyst for these fungal problems to spread and affect the air quality in your home. Breathing them in can make you sick. This is especially problematic for vulnerable age groups (infants, children, seniors) and people that live with respiratory issues like asthma.

Are you feeling ill and you’re not sure why? Look up the symptoms of mould exposure to see if the fungus could be causing your health problems.


Water damage doesn’t just create the perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive — it’s the perfect environment for pests, too. Pests like mice, rats and cockroaches are drawn to areas with high levels of moisture, especially if they also have sources of food.

Pests can put your health at risk. They carry diseases through their bites. They also leave their droppings around your home, including in/around your food.

NTL Contracting

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What Can You Do About This?

Mould and Mildew

It depends on how much mould and mildew you find. You can get rid of mould and mildew using simple household cleaning products, as long as the patches are small and concentrated. If you’re dealing with large amounts, you will need to call up professionals to help you with mould removal.

Pest Infestation

Do not try to deal with pest infestation on your own. You should go to Toronto’s 311 page to see how you can find professional pest removal services for your home.

Water Damage

If the source of water damage is ongoing (for example, leaks in the plumbing or cracks in the foundation), you have to find it and fix it fast. Otherwise, mould, mildew and pests will creep back into your basement all over again. Click here to read our blog about what causes moisture in your basement.

Then, you should call up NTL Contracting & Waterproofing Inc. We offer a variety of professional Toronto basement waterproofing services, including foundation crack injections, vapor barriers and plumbing repairs. We can help you make your basement water-tight.

Addressing water damage in your home is crucial for your physical health. After going through the essential improvements, you’ll realize how much better you feel at home.

The Long-Term Impacts on Your House:

Surface Damage

You know that water damage can cause mould to spread over your walls and draw pests inside. What other surface-level problems can it cause?

  • Water stains on the walls, ceilings, floors and carpets
  • Peeling or bubbling wallpaper
  • Chipping or peeling paint
  • Rusting metal
  • Efflorescence on floors and walls

These problems will be unpleasant to look at and live with.

Serious Structural Damage

Beyond these surface-level issues, water damage can cause even more trouble behind the walls, like wood rot, drywall erosion and cracks in the foundation. What’s worse is that these structural issues often make your home more vulnerable to water infiltration and damage.

At a certain point, these forms of structural damage can make your home unsafe. Floors can cave in. Walls can lose their structural integrity. It could be far too dangerous to stay in your home without undergoing extensive renovations to restore your walls, floors, ceilings, stairs and other defective features.

If you’re worried about undertaking waterproofing improvements because of the time and costs, you should know that the structural renovations will be far more intense and inconvenient after allowing your property to succumb to long-term water damage.

Property Value

Unaddressed water damage can drastically diminish the value of your home. The longer that you wait to repair the damage, the more it will reduce the value. While this may not be your concern at the moment, it might be a big problem whenever you intend to move out and sell your home.

What Can You Do about This?

Again, you don’t want to plan any basic repairs first. Leave home improvements like repainting the walls, replacing the floorboards and recarpeting the basement for later. Get to the root of the problem (ongoing water damage) first. Otherwise, you’ll find that your new floorboards, painted walls and carpets are getting ruined all over again.

So, what should you do? Call up NTL Contracting to find the sources of your water damage. It could be cracks in your foundation, plumbing problems, improper yard grading or inefficient building materials. We can provide solutions for these issues. For instance, you can look into our foundation repair services if water is infiltrating your home through cracks. When the work is done, your foundation will be water-tight.

We also provide preventative waterproofing projects to make sure that your basement level is always protected from water damage:

  • If your home doesn’t have a functioning sump pump in the lowest part of the basement, we can install one for you.
  • If you’re worried about basement flooding from sewer back-up during heavy storms, we can also install an emergency backflow valve in your plumbing system.
  • If you’re worried about moisture intrusion affecting your walls, we can install vapor barriers behind them.

What else can you do? Contact NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. to see what other services your home could benefit from. Call us at 416-278-4022 or email us at sales@ntlcontracting.com.

Water damage isn’t a problem that you should ignore. It can have serious side-effects on your health and your home. So, don’t let this problem become a much bigger one. Call up NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. to help you deal with it right away.