Demolition is probably the biggest, loudest, and seemingly messiest construction project around. At first glance, it seems like there is no way for a demolition contractor to finish a project without damaging the environment. After all, a building is being knocked down, generating debris and other environmental problems.

Buildings that need demolishing are actually a far greater hazard to the environment than the demolition process. Not only that, but a good demolition contractor will follow specific protocols that make demolition one of the greenest large-scale operations that can be done to a building. Here are a few ways your demolition contractor is protecting the environment.

1. Diverting Waste

Recycling is a good way to help the environment. However, recycling waste still releases pollution such as CO2 into the air. A better way to prevent damage to the environment when handling waste is by reusing the waste directly, since this saves on raw construction materials which would otherwise be taken from the environment. This also saves space in the landfill for materials that cannot be easily recycled.

Your demolition contractor will clear out all the usable materials from the building they are demolishing as part of the process. These usable materials can include anything from concrete to wooden planks – a good company will find ample use for all of these.

2. Toxic Contaminants

Old buildings that contain hazardous chemicals are a big threat to their surrounding environment. These include chemical plants, gas stations, and the like. If these buildings are not taken care of, there is a risk that they will leak harmful chemicals into the surrounding environments. These chemicals can cause extreme environmental damage.

It is a demolition contractor’s job to demolish old buildings that may contain hazardous chemicals. As part of the demolition, the hazardous chemicals are identified, contained, and moved to the necessary treatment facility.

3. Making Room for New Buildings

Modern architecture is designed with the environment in mind, much more so than old buildings. A typical modern building is equipped with far better natural lighting, plumbing and insulation than older buildings. Because of this heat will escape the building more easily, and more artificial lighting is necessary. This means the bill for utilities in old buildings will be rather high, and this reflects the damage to the environment.

Demolishing old, energy-inefficient buildings makes room for modern buildings which are designed to minimize energy use. In the long run, this saves many thousands of dollars in utility fees and reduces the building’s impact on the environment.

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● Though it doesn’t seem like it, demolition is actually good for the environment.
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