Time to Start Fresh: When Should You Call the Demolition Company?

Have you decided that the rental price for your property is unsalvageable? Perhaps the buildings are in worse condition than you previously thought, and a simple new coat of paint or landscaping job isn’t enough.

If that sounds like your case, the resulting structure would be too difficult to sell and unusable for business use. If renovation isn’t a viable option, contacting the demolition company may be the best course of action.

Demolition is very much a last resort solution, as renovation and repairs are often the most economical and less wasteful. However, if you can manage to find an excellent demolition company that knows what it’s doing, getting a fresh start with a new business could be worth it. Here is what we at NTL Contracting recommend considering before following through with the demolition procedures.

Partial Dismantling

Discuss with your demolition company thoroughly beforehand. Ask questions like “is a complete removal necessary or can a partial demolition recover enough?”

In the case of partial demolition, the goal is to prepare part of the building for extensive renovations later. Often, one side or wall of the structure is left standing to build the new one around.

Doing so makes it easier to receive a permit from the municipal government for the project and is an ideal solution if the exterior of the building is in a better shape than the inside.

Complete Dismantling

When you hear the term “demolition,” a complete dismantling is what would likely come to mind. If the structure is old enough to be unsalvageable or is becoming a safety hazard, a complete demolition may be your only option.

Discuss with your demolition company about the costs, procedures, and permits required to undergo this type of project. Have plans ahead of time for rebuilding and starting new afterward.

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No matter what option you go with, check for hazardous substances like mold and asbestos that could arise afterward. Having an experienced demolition company aware of the risks is a must.

In addition, the provider you choose needs the right type of machinery for the job and should be flexible enough to adapt to your individual purposes.

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  • Sometimes, when renovation and repair aren’t enough to salvage the value of a property, it’s probably a justified decision to remove it entirely and start anew.
  • Demolition can involve either starting over completely or rebuilding parts of the structure. Either way, watch for hazards and pick the right demolition company to handle the paperwork and permits.
  • NTL Contracting is your go-to service provider for a successful and inexpensive demolition job. Get the restoration, excavation, or demolition you need to be done right with NTL. We also offer underpinning, concrete, and masonry work, so let’s get in touch.