Commercial demolition occurs for a variety of reasons. The company may choose to start from scratch when it comes to using the property or simply think that maintaining the area is not worth the current cost.

Another issue is asbestos, a common building material in older properties. Exposure to this material can be toxic and make remodeling too much of a challenge. Regardless, requesting the services of a demolition contractor is something you might have to deal with.

While the average cost of commercial demolition is around $30,000, there are specific factors and circumstances that truly shape your final price. It’s worth finding out an exact price for the sake of your business budget.

Project Size

The first factor is obviously the size of the building you want demolished. Because many demolition contractors charge by square foot, find the total size of your property before calling. Most commercial properties are in the shape of square and rectangles, making this calculation easy. Costs per square foot vary from $4 to $8 and typically become cheaper the larger the building.

Legal Matters

From permits to licenses and other required legal paperwork, expect to pay a wide variety of costs depending on your location. Certain areas have costs as low as $200 while other projects may go up to $10,000 even, as some municipal governments discourage demolition.

As far as the client is concerned, this price is included in the demolition contractor’s bill, but it’s worth verifying with your provider.

Asbestos Infestations

For safety reasons, professional cleaners must remove any asbestos in the building before the demolition contractor can begin its work. Hazardous materials have been used in construction as early as the 1980s.

Perform an inspection of your property beforehand. Asbestos is commonly located in cement, floor tiles, piping, and insulation around heaters. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes its own guidelines for the removal of asbestos, which can cost between $2 and $3 per square foot.

Waste Disposal

Remember that there’s another cost associated with removing the waste afterward, which can be all kinds of plaster, metal, wood, or concrete. You might have the option of handling this process yourself by contacting your own hauling company but get in touch with your contractor to discuss that responsibility.

The price of disposal depends on several variables, including the type of debris, proximity to a nearby recycling center, the location of the demolition, and other related fees. Ask around and get different rates from other local businesses to find the best one.

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• Businesses with physical properties often need the services of a demolition contractor to free up space or start from scratch. If so, taking the time to budget your project goes a long way to ensuring a streamlined experience.
• The cost of demolition changes depending on several factors, including the size of the project, the location-specific legal proceedings, waste disposal processes, and any necessary asbestos removal and safety precautions.
• If you need your job done the right way, get in touch with NTL Contracting, one of the nation’s most experienced and professional demolition contractors.