How to Save Your Property Investment: How to Choose Between a Renovation and Demolition Contractor

The real estate market in Toronto continues to heat up. Market-savvy investors have bought a large portion of properties in Toronto and the GTA. Most property owners have enjoyed their steady extra income from rent and have seen their property

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How Your Waterproofing Contractor Can Save Both Your Health and Your Wallet

As a homeowner, you will probably want to use your basement for something, be it storage, as extra living space, or as a recreation room. Unfortunately, Toronto and the GTA have quite a lot of snowfall, rain, and other weather

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What You Need to Know When Choosing between a Renovation or a Demolition Company

Homeowners often ask us whether they should renovate or demolish their home. It can be a difficult task choosing between a renovation and demolition company. There are notable advantages to both approaches, whether it be the price of the project,

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