There are lots of reasons why your basement could be having trouble with moisture. It could be your foundation. It could be your plumbing. It could even be your front yard. Read ahead to see what are the most common causes for basement moisture and to see how NTL Contracting and Waterproofing can help you find the right solutions for them.

Cause: Cracks in the Foundation

Water is getting through cracks in your foundation. It’s easier to notice this problem if your basement walls are uncovered. You can see water trails and puddles on the floor. If your walls are covered, some common signs of water intrusion are damaged drywall, wood rot, peeling paint/wallpaper, mould and dampness. 

How can you fix this? You should call up the best Toronto basement waterproofing contractors to arrange for crack injection services to resolve the foundation problem. Our contractors will use polyurethane foam to seal the walls. They can also add vapour barriers to guarantee that your basement walls are protected all year round. 

Cause: Roof Drainage Problems

Your roof’s drainage system (the gutters/eavestroughs) could be the cause of your basement moisture. They can send rainwater down the sides of the house, letting it pool at the foundation. 

How do you fix this? It depends on why the system is sending water to the foundation. The gutters could be clogged with dead leaves and natural debris, which will cause rainwater and melted snow to overflow and spill down the sides of the house. When the weather is warm, you can take an afternoon to clean out your gutters so that water can easily run through the drainage system.

If the downspout is too short, it could be sending run-off too close to the foundation. Your downspout should extend at least 2 metres away from the foundation. If yours is shorter than that, you can use downspout extensions to push the limits of its reach.  

And if the gutters are broken or improperly installed, you need to call roofing professionals to fix them. 

Cause: Poor Grading 

The grading of your yard could be sending rainwater and melted snow toward the foundation of your house. Your yard should slope downward so that water can travel safely away from the house and into the proper drainage systems. If it slopes upward, that water will pool against the side of your house. This leads to foundation wall cracks and indoor moisture problems. 

What can you do? You can call us to grade your yard! We can correct the direction of the slope and keep your foundation safe. 

Cause: A Bad Sump Pump 

A sump pump is designed to remove water that’s around the foundation and that has penetrated the foundation. It is especially useful during storms or times of heavy snowmelt, when basements are at risk of flooding. If you don’t have a sump pump or your sump pump doesn’t work anymore, then your house is vulnerable to moisture problems and flooding. 

What can you do? First, test out your sump pump to see if it’s in working condition. If it doesn’t look like it’s running properly, then you should call us. We can install a new sump pump for you! 

After you have it installed, make sure that you have a backup power source for your sump pump so that it can still function during a power outage. 

Cause: Leaky Windows

It’s normal for windows to “sweat” during the wintertime. This is condensation caused by the frigid outside air hitting the warmer surface. You can resolve this by weatherizing your windows using caulking or weatherstripping along the edges and using a dehumidifier in the basement. 

If you’re concerned that water is leaking through gaps around the windows, you should still caulk the edges to give them a tight seal. You can also get window well covers to stop rainwater and snow from reaching them. 

Cause: Plumbing Trouble

Plumbing leaks, clogs and breaks can send moisture (whether it’s clean water or sewer back-up) into your home and cause lots of damage. Sometimes, when these plumbing problems go unaddressed, they can turn into basement floods that cost thousands of dollars to repair. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says that the average cost for basement flood repairs is $43,000 in Canada. And some forms of flood insurance will not cover those costs.  

What can you do? You should call us to fix your plumbing and waterproof your basement before you deal with the worst-case scenario. 

Plumbing trouble is easier to spot inside of the house. You can look for common signs of leaks like mould, mildew, water stains and dampness on walls/ceilings/floors. Sometimes you can see that an exposed pipe is dripping or has a puddle of water underneath it. After finding the problem area, we can fix/replace it. 

Plumbing trouble that’s underground is harder to spot. Some signs that your drains are broken or dislodged include:

  • Foul odour
  • Slow-moving drains
  • Clogged drains 
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Soggy patches in the front yard

If you spot these signs, you should call us to inspect your drains to confirm that they need replacing. We can install underground drains so that you don’t have to deal with plumbing trouble or basement moisture anymore. 

We can also install a backwater valve in your home plumbing system. A backwater valve is an emergency plumbing tool that stops sewer back-up from going up your main line during heavy storms. It can also help with drain breaks and clogs. If the main sewer line has a break or clog that could send back-up toward your property, the valve can stop it from coming through your basement drains.

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Cause: Poor Ventilation 

Everyday activities like cooking, showering and washing clothes create moisture indoors, especially when your home doesn’t have strong ventilation. 

This problem is simple to solve. Turn on exhaust fans whenever you’re cooking on the stovetop or taking a shower/bath. If your exhaust fans aren’t working as well as you’d like, you should clean them or replace their filters. That should control the moisture better. You can also get a dehumidifier to help with basement rooms that don’t have overhead fans, like the laundry room.  

Here at NTL Contracting & Waterproofing, we are ready to help you tackle moisture problems that you can’t resolve all on your own. Our exceptional contractors will work hard to make sure that your basement is always safe and water-tight.