As a homeowner, you will probably want to use your basement for something, be it storage, as extra living space, or as a recreation room. Unfortunately, Toronto and the GTA have quite a lot of snowfall, rain, and other weather that moistens the soil year-round. Some may like the rain, but your basement, which often doubles as a foundation for the rest of the building, will suffer from these conditions if you have not had a waterproofing contractor do work on it. Here are a few problems that may arise from a basement that has not been waterproofed.

Mold and Water Damage | Waterproofing Contractors

If you have not had a waterproofing contractor examine your basement, your basement is liable to have moisture seep in from the surrounding soil. This is especially a problem in Toronto and the GTA, where the soil is moist year-round. Moisture in your basement is bad news – it can cause water damage to any wooden furniture, as well as clothes and other items. Not only that, but moisture will also often lead to mold growing in your basement, which can cause severe allergic reactions in many people spending any amount of time there. Also, mold can damage items that may be stored in your basement even more than moisture can.

Structural Problems | Waterproofing Contractors

Your basement usually also functions as the foundation of your house. Water that seeps into the ground can cause wooden support beams to warp, as well as weakening or damaging walls. Without a waterproofing contractor to prevent this problem, your house is in danger of serious structural problems over the years, and will most likely collapse eventually.

How a Waterproofing Contractor Will Help

Your waterproofing contractor can prevent all of these problems in many ways. Here are a few:

● Interior wall sealers are used to seal off the possible gaps in your basement walls and floor that water could seep through.
● Foundation crack injections can be used if your concrete foundations have cracked. These are typically strong adhesives that are poured into the cracks to consolidate the structural integrity of your home, while at the same time providing a seal to prevent water from seeping through.
● Exterior waterproofing techniques are the best option. These involve spraying a polymer-based substance on the outer wall of your basement, which prevents all water from seeping in. These polymers are fairly flexible, meaning that they are long-lasting.

All of these methods are used to prevent moisture from seeping in your basement, which is especially necessary in Toronto and the GTA as the weather is constantly attacking your foundations with rain and snow. With no moisture, your basement will be dry, and you will be able to use it for storage without worrying about health issues or items being damaged.

NTL Contracting | Waterproofing & Underpinning Contractors | Toronto and the GTA

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● A basement that isn’t waterproofed is a damp basement that is useless for storage and living.
● Damp basements quickly can become a serious structural problem that may result in your home collapsing.
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