How to Make Your Building Watertight: Tips from a Waterproofing Contractor

How to Make Your Building Watertight: Tips from a Waterproofing Contractor

After spending the day dealing with paperwork, communicating with business partners, and handling meeting schedules, organization owners understandably forget to maintain the company building every now and again.

However, keeping your company’s physical structure in excellent shape goes a long way to building a professional appearance that shows your dedication to safety and attention to detail. That’s why we at NTL Contracting recommend regular visits from a waterproofing contractor so that seeping water doesn’t negatively impact your building’s foundation.

Why is waterproofing so important? Whether we’re dealing with a residential home or a commercial facility, water easily seeps into even the toughest materials. During the Winter, melting snow and ice buildup can leak its way into the premises overtime, so keeping your basement and lower levels dry is an important step in maintenance. Here are some tips we recommend in addition to contacting your waterproofing contractor.

Reducing Humidity in the Building

Even on a cold, dry Winter day, moisture can collect in the air inside the building from even small factors like breathing and evaporation from hot beverages.

NTL recommends purchasing a dehumidifier to suck out excess moisture from the air, which can help prevent damage to walls and stop condensation from forming in your pipes.

Checking Your Gutters

The autumn season is known for its beautiful orange and red leaves and comfy temperatures. But as the leaves fall off the trees, they can get stuck in your gutters and potentially clog them.

Regularly clean those gutters and the pipes that lead their contents to ground level. When the winter season rolls in, water might spill over the sides and seep into your foundation.

While you’re at it, check the roof for damages and call a roof repair company if any work is needed. Your roof is the first line of defense against water damage should the rain come in.

Filling in Drafts

Finally, check for drafts near your first-floor lobby or basement area. Cracks in the basement put you at risk of leaks, so prepare your walls with caulking or concrete patching. Thoroughly clean the surfaces first so that loose debris don’t interfere with your work.

Patching up cracks in the wall is simple. Choose either a liquid membrane for speed and price or a sheet membrane for consistent appearances. Sodium bentonite is another environmentally-friendly option.

You’ve probably learned back in physics class that the volume of water rises during the freezing process. When water seeps into the cracks in your walls, it can freeze during the winter and widen them. That’s why it’s so important to call a waterproofing contractor before the frigid temperatures kick in.

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  • Waterproofing is an essential aspect of business maintenance even though most owners fail to notice this.
  • Ensure your basement and lower levels are waterproof before the frigid winter temperatures set in. Don’t forget to clear your gutters as well in the Fall.
  • NTL Contracting has been doing not only waterproofing but also excavation and construction for over 2 decades. Whether you need underpinning or masonry done, your project is in good hands when you choose NTL.