It’s the season of snow and snowmelt. With the unpredictable weather patterns Toronto has been having recently, your basement is at risk of flooding when the snow finally lets up for the season. It’s important to educate yourself about the dangers of a wet basement, and find out how a waterproofing company can help you.

What do you use your basement for? Most people use their basement as an extra living space, or maybe a storage room. In either case, a wet basement can spell disaster. Dampness is bad news for any cloth or other material that is susceptible to mold. If you’re using your basement as an extra room, mold can also be a major health hazard and can even be life-threatening to allergic people.
When it comes to wet basements, there are three major causes. Here are the reasons your basement might be damp this spring, and how your waterproofing company will prevent these problems.

1. How Leaks Damage Your Storage

A good waterproofing company knows that moisture always flows downwards. A leak in your roof can lead to water trickling all the way through your home and ending up in your basement. Another common cause of leakage is clogged plumbing, which can lead to a serious amount of water buildup downstairs.
Your waterproofing company will check your home for leaks to ensure your basement isn’t at risk of water damage from an unexpected source. In general, the best way to prevent leaks from damaging your basement is by having it completely waterproofed.

2. Hydrostatic Pressure and Why It’s Dangerous

Hydrostatic pressure is the force that pushes water from the soil around your home’s foundations into your basement. Water forces its way in through pores in the concrete floors of your basement, leading to major water damage problems.
Calling your waterproofing company is the only way to reliably counter the effects of hydrostatic pressure. The waterproofing process includes putting a seal on your basement’s concrete, which prevents water from forcing its way into the room through the walls or floor. Waterproofing also includes reinforcing the drain if your home has one, so you can be sure outdoor water won’t be able to get in.

3. Fixing Cracks

One of the easiest ways for water to make it into your basement is simply through cracks in the walls. Cracks are formed for all kinds of reasons, including some that simply cannot be prevented. Some examples are heat expansion and contraction, which will take their toll on any home after a while.
Flash freezes are another common cause for cracks: water that’s already made its way into your walls suddenly freezes, rapidly expanding and forcing the crack wide open.
With the help of a waterproofing company, you can repair your cracks and then apply a coating of sealant to prevent new cracks from forming in your basement walls. If keeping your basement dry is your priority, waterproofing is definitely the way to go.

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● Keeping your basement free of water is key to keeping it a safe place to live or store your belongings.
● Cracks, leaks, and natural hydrostatic pressure are all common causes for water in your basement.
● A waterproofing company like NTL Contracting is the last line of defense between you and water damage to your home.