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​When it comes to your home, water is your basement’s worst enemy. Excess moisture in your home can lead to bad air quality, which in turn can lead to many respiratory and health problems. Even small amounts of moist air can cause mould and mildew to grow, putting your family and living space in jeopardy.​

NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. can help resolve your damp or wet basement problems with a variety of solutions each customized to your needs and the issues at hand. If you are going to start any new work on your basement or repair any old, call NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. to thoroughly inspect your space and make sure you have no water infiltration problems.​


​Exterior waterproofing is your number one solution to a wet basement. NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. would dig around the perimeter of your home right down to the home footings. This would allow access to any problem areas and expose the problem at hand. The foundation would be cleaned of any old debris or products previously used. Once the foundation wall is clean, NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. would route out any cracks and fill them in with hydraulic cement. The walls would then be parged if the foundation is made of block and a waterproofing membrane would be trowelled on.​


NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. can help establish a proper grading plan which will help water flow away from your foundation and into proper storm drain systems.​

​When the ground is sloped towards your property, water from storms and irrigation can run back toward your home and cause moisture problems at the foundation wall creating cracks, structural damage and soil erosion.


​A good place to start your inspection is on the outside of your home. Do a walk around your house and make sure that any soil or interlocking pavers are sloped away from your house. Otherwise water may penetrate and weaken the supporting soil and foundation. NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. offers landscape solutions which include regrading the property with positive drainage away from your home including hardscape and softscape.​​

Crack Injection

NTL Contracting and Waterproofing Inc. also offers crack injection services. Some basement cracks can be fixed using a polyurethane foam that expands into foundation cracks and seals the wall from any water penetration.​​


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Excavation Contractors Toronto & the GTA
Demolition Contractors Toronto & the GTA

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