The real estate market in Toronto continues to heat up. Market-savvy investors have bought a large portion of properties in Toronto and the GTA. Most property owners have enjoyed their steady extra income from rent and have seen their property values go up. However, many of those who were planning to cash out by selling their property have run into a problem – the house their retirement depended on is in poor condition and unsellable.

If you are in such a position, what are your options? In order to get the property into a marketable condition, you could renovate and rehabilitate it. The alternative is, of course, to simply demolish the building and start from scratch. Usually calling in a demolition contractor is the last resort, because it is generally more expensive than to rebuild an already existing structure.

Is Renovation Even A Viable Option?

If you’ve examined your property and found that the problems with it aren’t just something that a new coat of paint will fix, you may be wondering if it is even possible to renovate the property in a meaningful way. Before you decide to make the call to a demolition contractor, it’s important to remember that in almost all cases, renovation and rehabilitation of a house will be cheaper than total demolition. Not only that, but in almost all cases, renovation is possible without breaking the bank.

When Should You Call In a Demolition Contractor?

Generally, you should only be calling in a demolition contractor as a last resort when your building has been deemed beyond repair. This could be due to severe structural damage.

There are actually multiple types of demolition that you should discuss with your demolition contractor.

● Selective interior demolition prepares a building for many renovations by stripping out parts of the inside, including inner walls, while leaving the foundations and exterior walls intact. It is much easier for your demolition contractor to obtain a permit for this than full-blown demolition of the entire building.
● Full structure demolition is what most people think of when they hear the term “demolition,” involving a wrecking ball and excavation. This type of demolition is less well-suited for Toronto and the GTA, where buildings tend to be close together, and there is not enough room to maneuver the required machinery.
● Building implosion is a specific type of full structure demolition where explosives are strategically placed to cause the building to collapse in on itself. This type of demolition is necessary in Toronto because the explosives can be placed in such a way that the building falls within its own footprint, avoiding damage to surrounding buildings.

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● If renovation has been deemed unfeasible, demolition is the last option to fall back on for a property manager.
● Demolition is not the kind of job that you can do yourself. A demolition contractor is the only option to help you complete your project.
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