Did you know that many homeowners excavate the crawlspace in their homes to build full basements? It can be both a convenient and cost-effective method of increasing living space without drastic changes to the home’s main structure.

Most crawlspaces and cellars are not suitable for living, but some homeowners can enlist the services of basement excavation companies like NTL Contracting to convert them into full living spaces. Doing so increases the value of the home.

If these benefits sound interesting to you, consider planning your next crawlspace excavation with NTL Contracting. But first, let’s talk about some things you should know about this type of project.

Basement Excavation – Why Do It?

  • Building new rooms isn’t always an option when you need additional living space, especially if you live close to other houses. A basement is an effective way to expand downward.
  • Extra rooms look good on a real estate catalog and raise the value of your home if you ever sell it on the market.
  • Some homeowners use the extra space to generate rental income by turning it into an apartment.
  • You can continue living in the same house even after welcoming new members of the family.

What Happens During the Project?

Luckily for you, getting your basement excavated is as simple as contacting a basement excavation company to do it for you. We’ll handle all the safety protocols, important procedures, and professional equipment required for the job.

Most excavation projects follow the same general principles:

  • Build supports for the main house above.
  • Excavate the site.
  • Underpin using concrete.
  • Apply waterproofing measures.
  • Pour the structural concrete.

Just Remember: Safety First

Because your home’s foundation has likely been there for several decades at least, it’s not safe to try any portion of this work alone. Only accredited basement excavation companies have the tools and experience to finish the project without serious consequences.

We follow our routines step by step to ensure your home stays secure throughout the process. That’s why we pour concrete into different parts of the new foundation at a time and always check the waterproofing and drainage. Seeping water can potentially cause cracks and weaken the foundation after the project finishes.

Basement Excavation Company | NTL Contracting | Toronto – GTA

Excavating your crawlspace into a basement is a popular method of expanding on living space. However, some of the risks involved mean you could cause lasting damage to your home and put you at a civil liability if the damage affects your neighbors as well.

For this reason, always choose an accredited basement excavation company like NTL Contracting and Waterproofing. We have received the “Best of TrustedPros” awards for the past few years and are only continuing to expand our list of happy clients in the Toronto area and the GTA.

Whether it’s a concrete foundation job, an excavation or demolition project, or a waterproofing task, we are so confident in our craftsmanship that we offer 25-year warranties on our work. Contact us today to get a quote.

  • Do you need extra space in your home but can’t add additional rooms above the ground? Consider expanding your crawlspace into a full basement with a basement excavation company. Doing so also adds value to your home if you try to sell it.
  • Excavation usually involves underpinning, pouring in foundation concrete, waterproofing, and ensuring the home’s structure stays safe during the whole process. Only accredited businesses can provide this service safely.
  • No other company can give you a better experience in the Toronto area than NTL Contracting, who have completed projects for residential and commercial clients for over 20 years.
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