It’s no secret demolition and excavation is no easy task anyone can do by themselves. You need a licensed demolition contractor with the right tools and experience for the job.
But before you call up the first entry in the phonebook or Google search, it’s worth asking questions to find out which demolition contractor will get your needs fulfilled properly. Demolition and excavation usually happen when you need to make room for new construction. Don’t let a bad service provider get in the way of your planning.

Are You Licensed and Experienced?

A proper contractor should have not only a legal license but also a good track record with past clients. The more experience, the less likely issues will come up during the excavation. Consult with references if you can and ask past customers about the quality of the job, the cost and budget involved, and any comments they have on the service.
Finally, talk with the demolition contractor itself to see how they train their staff, what safety measure they employ, and the technologies they use. A five-minute call is worth it for a price-efficient and safe job done.

Do You Provide Insurance for your Services?

No matter how excellent a contractor’s resume looks, problems occasionally come up regardless. Insurance should almost be a requirement before signing the contract. For the better of everyone involved, including the workers and your own project, get insurance before starting.

What’s the Quality of Your Tools and Materials?

Asbestos is a notorious material found in structures. Exposure to asbestos is hazardous to human health. Often, trustworthy contractors carry out asbestos checks during the process. Make sure yours does the same.

What Does the Timeline Look Like?

For such a major project, plan yourself out well in advance. What’s the estimated cost and time it will take to finish? Can the demolition contractor’s answer fit in with your budget and schedule?
Remember to inquire specifically what you’re paying for and how accurate the prediction is. What is included and what isn’t? An experienced contractor knows how to estimate time and cost.
Don’t forget the cleanup phase at the end of the job. Is it a complete cleanup, how long will it take, and what’s the charge? Don’t get stuck with cleaning up the mess yourself.

Can I Cancel my Demolition Contract?

Plans can change at any time for any reason. Many construction companies provide for cancellation within their service agreement in case of any change in the project etc.

NTL Contracting | Demolition & Excavation Contractor | Toronto & the GTA

NTL Contracting is a demolition and excavation company that has been serving Toronto and the GTA for over 20 years. Our services allow property managers and homeowners to have peace of mind when it comes to excavation, underpinning, masonry, and concrete work.
Our high customer satisfaction rates can be attributed to our use of the latest, most advanced demolition solutions and our offer of full insurance for our projects. We’re so sure about our expertise that clients enjoy a 25-year warranty on our work too.
• Demolition and excavation are two jobs property managers must deal with when buildings need to be rebuilt or changed. It’s not a task that can be done without a professional service provider.
• With so many options out there, don’t be afraid to ask questions about your demolition contractor to ensure you get the quality of work you want at a price that fits in with your budget.
• The perfect contractor might be NTL Contracting. Contact us today and find out why our customers throughout Toronto and the GTA recommend us so often.